Wine Expo 2023

Wine Expo 2023

Wine Expo 2023
November 3 and 4, 2023
Moncton Coliseum Complex

🍷 Experience the ultimate fusion of exceptional wines and gourmet cuisine at Moncton’s Wine Expo! 

On November 3 and 4, head over to the Moncton Coliseum Complex for the ever-popular Grand Tastings, where you can savour wines from local and international vineyards. This year, gourmet bites prepared by our region’s finest Chefs and food purveyors will be offered at the Grand Tastings. Get your tickets now!

The Wine Expo also offers a week-long series of wine tastings and seminars tailored to suit all tastes and budgets. Register to a session today!

Don’t forget to pick up a bottle or a few at the Wine Shop. Some brands are only available during the event, so be sure to stop by the shop on your way out!

Your unforgettable journey into the world of wine and food awaits, and it all begins right here: 🥂