Frye Festival 25th Edition

Frye Festival 25th Edition

Frye Festival - 25th Edition
April 18-28, 2024

Step into the vibrant world of literature at the 25th annual Frye Festival, Atlantic Canada’s premier literary extravaganza! Named after the illustrious literary critic and Moncton native, Northrop Frye, this bilingual celebration promises a cornucopia of books, ideas, and imagination like never before.

Prepare to be captivated by an array of stimulating events:

In Conversation Events: Immerse yourself in the minds of authors as they delve into their latest works. Back again for a second year, the Lunch-In-Conversation series pair delicious foods and nourishing books!

Readings: Let the voices of established and emerging authors transport you to worlds unknown.

Performances: Experience the magic of literature come alive on stage, with readings, performances, music, and more!

Youth Program: Ignite young minds with our free youth and family activities, featuring storytime events, readings, art exhibits, and Moncton’s ultimate word party for children aged 2 to 10, KidsFest!

Frye Jam: Dive into the enchanting fusion of poetry and jazz at Frye Jam, a beloved festival tradition.

Literary Lunches: Savour engaging discussions over delectable cuisine at les Brumes du Coude restaurant, serving up the best lunch in town all week long.

Maillet-Frye Lectures: Delve into the minds of authors with not one, but two intimate Maillet-Frye lectures, offering in-depth conversations and fascinating ideas.

Tea Time: Indulge in delicious tea and sweets while writers offer glimpses into their literary worlds, accompanied by interdisciplinary artist Martin Daigle.

Beyond the Books: Beyond the Books is just what it sounds like: a meeting between four authors sharing with the public what you don't always see on the page. The remarkable works featured in this event address the pressures of conformity, exile, lifelong disentanglements, and grappling with darkness. 

Flash Frye: Flash Frye readings are short, pop-up style readings that take place throughout the festival, just before some program events, in different locations, and with different vibes! In the spotlight: New Brunswick authors! Frye Flashes will be opportunities to discover local authors or experience a reading.

The Frye Festival promises an unforgettable celebration of the written word for all who attend. Come join us and embark on a literary journey like no other!

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