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USVA Spa Nordik in the Winter

USVA Spa Nordik in the Winter

Have you ever tried USVA Spa Nordik in the winter? Open year-round, rain, SNOW or shine, USVA is the perfect setting to unwind while basking in the bright winter sun. 

Just 10 minutes from downtown, this Moncton favourite allows guests to partake in the traditional thermal experience; a Nordic wellness ritual that dates back 2000 years and involves alternating between heat and cold, followed by a period of rest to achieve deep relaxation. Integrating this passive exercise into your lifestyle will improve your physical and mental health, and your overall well-being.

USVA Spa Nordik’s thermal experience amenities include a dry sauna, a steam sauna, a warm outdoor pool, a cold plunge, as well as indoor and outdoor relaxation areas where you can unwind for an hour, or a whole day.

Other services offered include:
-    a licensed café featuring healthy snacks and drinks,
-    natural beauty treatments,
-    wellness sessions,
-    massages (certified massage therapists), and
-    facials.