Summer Adventures

Summer Adventures

Choose your experience in Moncton this summer! 

Vacation Plan Ideas

Come experience Moncton this summer. Do you love the great outdoors or enjoy exploring the city and taking in urban experiences? We’ve got vacation plans already packaged for you!

How it works:

✳️ Choose one of the Outdoor Play Vacation Plans below if you want to get outside, enjoy nature, discover beaches, and explore the Southeast New Brunswick region. 

✳️ Choose one of the Urban Fun Vacation Plans below if you feel like immersing yourself in the city, discovering cool downtown spots, enjoying good food, or having fun at various attractions in Moncton.

Follow the suggested vacation plans to a tee, mix and match any day you want, or use these ideas as inspiration to set your own course!

Vacation Plans:

Click on the vacation plans below for more details.

Family Adventures - Vacation Plan #1

Family Adventures - Itinerary Sample #1

Family Adventures - Vacation Plan #2

Family Adventures - Itinerary Sample #2

Memorable Moments - Vacation Plan #1

Memorable Moments - Itinerary Sample #1

Memorable Moments - Vacation Plan #2

Memorable Moments - Itinerary Sample #2