Nature in the city

Let’s play outside!
Did you know you can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city limits? Moncton offers an impressive number of parks and trails for everyone. Go for a bike ride along the Riverfront Trail, escape the crowds along Hall’s Creek, or lose yourself in Irishtown Nature Park – one of the largest urban parks in Canada.

Riverfront Park

🏞️ Moncton Parks 🏞️

🏞️ Centennial Park 
Centennial Park is the quintessential Moncton park with 230 acres full of beautiful trails. Take a nice walk along a forested trail, go for a bike ride, or take a dip in Moncton’s latest outdoor pool. Enjoy a nice barbecue with your family or go on a tree-top adventure with your friends at TreeGo.
Attractions: forested trails, crushed stone trails, lake

Centennial Park

🏞️ Mapleton Park 
In North Moncton, Mapleton Park offers 300 acres with trails around a basin and wetlands. This is one of the best spots to go birdwatching and learn more about the local birds on bilingual interpretation panels. Families, hikers, cyclists, and persons with reduced mobility will all enjoy the wide, accessible trails.
Attractions: forested trails, crushed stone trails, wetlands


Mapleton Park Fall

Mapleton Park Water Cyclists

🏞️ Irishtown Nature Park
Just 10 minutes’ drive from downtown, Irishtown Nature Park is one of the largest urban parks in Canada. With 2,200 acres, it is a wonderful playground to go for a hike, a bike ride, birdwatching or even canoeing.  Persons with strollers and wheelchairs will enjoy 4.7 km of wide accessible trails, while hikers will enjoy 7 extra kilometres of forested trails.
Attractions: forested trails, crushed stone trails, reservoir


Irishtown Park Dock

🏞️ Millennium Ecological Park 
The Millennium Ecological Park was founded in 2000 on the University of Moncton campus. Discover more than 600 native trees and shrubs along its trails, as well as artworks by land artists such as world-famous Nils Udo.
Attractions: native plants and trees, land art

🌳 Moncton Trails 🌳

🌳 Riverfront Trail 
The Riverfront Trail is a must-see in Moncton. Walkers, runners, and cyclists love this gorgeous 20K trail linking Dieppe to Riverview via Moncton along the Petitcodiac River. Don’t miss the tidal bore, an impressive natural phenomenon which literally reverses the river twice a day. You’ll find the tidal bore hours in Bore Park. To get closer to the river, take the Gitpo Trail, a pretty side trail in front of the Hal Betts Sportsplex.
Attractions: Petitcodiac River, tidal bore, mudflats

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park

🌳 Northwest Trail 
From the North end of Centennial Park, you can easily reach the Northwest Trail, 7 km of crushed stone in the North-West of Moncton. After a forested section, the trail passes residential areas.
You can also access the Northwest trail from the West side of the Riverfront Trail, either by the cycling path on Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, or by taking the side trail towards Milner Street.
Attractions: forested trail, residential areas

North West Trail

🌳 Humphrey Brook Trail 
The 9-km long Humphrey Brook Trail links Lewisville Road to Harrisville Boulevard. This wide, well-maintained trail is great for cyclists and walkers looking for a forested trail to cool off in the summer. 
To reach the Humphrey Brook Trail from the Riverfront Trail, take Botsford Street, then Lewisville Road.
Attractions: forested trail, brook

🌳 Hall’s Creek Trail 
Hall’s Creek Trail is a hidden gem. Park on Crowley Farm Road just after the junction with Morton Avenue. This trail starts by a straight line before branching out: continue straight on or make a left to go down by the creek. This trail is a loop so you can’t make a wrong choice. You’ll likely meet very few people there – but be prepared to give way to mountain bikers.
Attractions: forested trail, brook

🌳 Rabbit Creek Trail 
The Rabbit Creek Trail is a 1-mile accessible crushed stone trail along the Wheeler boulevard and residential areas East of Mapleton Avenue. 
The Rabbit Creek Trail is easily accessed from the Hall Creek Trail: just cross the bridge over the Wheeler on Morton Avenue.
Attractions: forested trail, brook